Polaris Security is Maine’s most affordable and trusted security agency.

Whether there is a serious security situation, or a medical emergency with Polaris Security you are protected. Our highly-trained security officers will take immediate action and determine the next course of action.

-We are a full service contract security company serving clients all across Maine.

-We only staff with the most qualified candidates. At Polaris Security, we believe in quality over quantity, less is more!

​-We meet with clients regularly to keep them informed, and listen to any concerns or problems they may be experiencing.

-We service: Businesses, Summer Camps, Campgrounds, Warehouses​, Hotels & Motels​, Office Buildings, Shopping Centers, Construction Sites, Gated Communities, Apartments/Condos, Homeowner’s Associations, Homes, Schools, Restaurants, Sporting Events, and lots, lots more.

For more info please call or email us. 207-888-7852 or info@polarissecurity.net